Why Choose JCRESI

Beyond Borders

When you combine an expansive national industry network of real estate development, investment and construction professionals built over three decades with current contacts and candidates from the most iconic global real estate projects of recent years and those in emerging markets, you have covered the map. We provide a gateway to access the finest real estate talent in the world from a single platform.

Beyond 30 + years Industry Experience

Our parent company Joseph Chris Partners has built an impressive history in the Real Estate Development, Construction & Investment Industry. In recent years we have exported that influence and expertise abroad to create a name on the global landscape. Our reputation and recognition insures response and interest from the top performers in the industry worldwide when we reach out as your representative.

Beyond Executive Search

Just like our recruiting services are not limited by borders, neither is the scope of our services. Through our expansive and ever-growing international network, we can source and create for you virtually any kind of business connection critical to your initiatives. We invite you to see the many solutions available on the MENU OF SERVICES under the WHAT WE DO tab on this site.

Beyond Imagination

You want to connect and we make it happen. The options are infinite.