Phase 2

Candidate Development

  • JCRESI formulates research strategy and identifies field of prospective candidates.
  • Contact is made to prospective candidates with a pipeline report record maintained on each contact.
  • JCRESI conducts thorough initial screening of candidates via phone. Detailed notes are maintained for comparison by the search team.
  • JCRESI conducts lengthy second phone interview of approximately top 10 candidates gathering answers to pre-determined questions for purposes of ranking candidates relative to Position Definition above.
  • Field is narrowed to 4 – 5 of the “best fit” candidates that are qualified, interested and open to making a change.
  • Personality testing administered to final field of candidates during personal interviews in the JCRESI office. Team interviews conducted using prepared questions with each candidate.
  • JCRESI submits candidate resumes, qualification/profile summaries, test results and professional assessment of candidate to client.
  • Reference check, criminal/background check (as required by client) and verification of education and certification(s).