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Bullying Statistics in the Workplace are Staggering

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I would like to share some statistics about bullying which may explain why this is such a hot topic.

Bullying is far too complex of an issue to have one canned response to its resolution or to instructing someone on how to handle a specific situation. So much depends on the dynamics and culture of the specific organization.

* A U.S. national survey revealed 8.8% of workers are currently victims of bullying, 25.7% have previously been victims, 22.4% are currently witnesses to bullying, and 19.6% have previously been witnesses to bullying (Namie, 2010).

* It has been estimated that workplace bullying costs U.S. businesses in excess of $ 23 billion each year (Tepper et al, 2006).

* When bullying is reported to upper management, 44% did nothing about it (Namie, 2007).

* 71% of study participants that reported being bullied were retaliated against, of that group 24% were terminated (Namie, 2007).

HR also seems to struggle with this issue; participants from a study conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute revealed:

* 11.5% chose not to report the bullying to HR

* Of those that did, 30.9% indicated HR took no action, 37.3% indicated HR made matters worse and retaliation occurred, and 18.2% indicated job loss occurred..


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Please remember to Thank a Veteran!

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Remembering all of the veterans that have proudly served our country – yesterday, today and even tomorrow’s veterans! We thank you for our freedom!

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JCP would like to Welcome Vandy Warier, Recruiter!

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Joseph Chris Partners is proud to have Vandy Warier as part of their Single-Family support team as a recruiter. In 2006, Vandy graduated with a BS in Mass Communication and Psychology from Jyoti Nivas College in India and soon after relocated with her husband to the United States.

Here, Vandy worked as an IT Recruiter, sourcing for Oracle, SAP, J. D. Edwards and PeopleSoft roles. Implementing cost effective sourcing strategies to identify high quality talent in the ERP space, helped broaden and develop her skills in recruiting and sourcing for various clients across the US.

In 2011, Vandy joined KBR, a leading global engineering and construction services company where she gained considerable experience sourcing candidates Internationally.

Vandy is a devoted wife and mother who in her free time enjoys Indian classical dance, cooking and outdoor activities with her family.


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JCP Welcomes Ellie Davis, Partner!

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We are starting November off with a bang as Ellie Davis joins Joseph Chris Partners as a Partner. She brings with her multiple years of recruiting experience gained from working with clients in a wide variety of vertical markets in both the private and public sectors. Ellie’s reputation is built on strong connections and trust with her clients. She is sharply focused and committed to help clients meet business objectives by effectively attracting and identifying top industry talent.

Ellie attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida and acquired a B.S. in Criminology, with a Minor in Sociology. She has a true passion for helping highly motivated individuals meet their career goals. Ellie believes if you hold yourself to a high level of integrity and stay true to yourself you can accomplish anything in life.

In Ellie’s spare time, you will find her competing in triathlons and running events, which fuels her ambitious spirit. She can also be found enjoying sports and outdoor activities with her family of boys.

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Please welcome to JCP, Dawn Bahan, Recruiter!

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Since joining the Joseph Chris Partners of Family of Companies in 2013, Dawn has built a rich network of contacts in the residential and commercial construction, and real estate industries. Dawn has established credibility and built trust with industry leaders by effectively attracting and identifying top industry talent. Dawn attributes her success to a continual commitment to integrity, customer service, and professional ethics.

Dawn is a New Orleans native and is the proud wife of Johnny Bahan, who recently retired from the United States Navy after more than 21 years of honorable service. Dawn and Johnny have three boys and live in Humble, Texas, where Dawn enjoys spending time cheering from the sidelines at her sons’ various sporting events, spoiling her two dogs and cat, and reading (when time permits!).

Specialties: Recruiter / Executive Search and Consulting within Homebuilding, Residential Single and Multifamily and Real Estate Development

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Job searching while you’re still employed? Read this!

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10 Things you should never say or do during an interview

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Luxury development planned for Dominican Republic

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Five Fastest growing Metros have experienced over 10,000 new home starts!

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According to Metrostudy’s active new home survey data, the five fastest-growing metros have experienced over 10,000 new home starts.

As Metrostudy points out in their blogpost “A Housing Dimension to Forbes’ Recent Projection,” it’s noteworthy that the top three markets experiencing new home growth are included in a recent Forbes article listing top markets for expected job growth annually. Here are the markets that overlap:
3. Houston, Texas projected annual job growth: 4.0 percent
4. Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas projected annual job growth: 3.5 percent
5. Ocala, Fla. projected annual job growth: 3.4 percent(Ocala is part of the overall Central Florida market)

Because employment growth has the most direct impact on new home demand, there’s no shock that Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Central Florida are all seeing new home starts. Number one and two from Forbes’ list (Austin, Texas, and McAllen Texas) did not make Metrostudy’s top five cut for growth, but Austin did come in at number nine, with 9,826 annual starts.

Remaining 15 markets in the top 20 list:
6. Southern Calif.: 11,691 annual starts
7. Northern Calif.: 11,511 annual starts
8. Atlanta, Ga.: 11,027 annual starts
9. Austin, Texas: 9,826 annual starts
10. Suburban Md.: 8,729 annual starts
11. Northern Va.: 8,456 annual starts
12. San Antonio, Texas: 8,445 annual starts
13. Raleigh/Durham, N.C.: 8,279 annual starts
14. Charlotte, N.C.: 7,812 annual starts
15. Salt Lake City, Utah: 7,715 annual starts
16. Las Vegas, Nev.: 7,119 annual starts
17. South Fla.: 6,380 annual starts
18. Tampa, Fla.: 6,159 annual starts
19. Central Calif.: 6,148 annual starts
20. Twin Cities: 5,767 annual starts
So we decided to take Metrostudy’s further analysis even further, by examining market summaries of the top five markets for new home starts, and identifying the biggest home building players in each market who will reap the benefits of new home demands (1Q13, 2Q13, and annually).

1. Houston, Texas

2. Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

3. Central Florida

4. Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona

5. Denver - Colorado Springs, Colorado

From: BUILDER 2013 Posted on: September 30, 2013!


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